What Hoodies Do The Kardashians Wear?

What Hoodies Do The Kardashians Wear?

When it comes to fashion, it's no secret that the Kardashians have made a significant impact on trends around the world. From their signature makeup looks to their stylish clothing choices, the Kardashian family is known for setting the bar high when it comes to fashion. So, it's no surprise that their choice in hoodies is equally as influential.

The Kardashians are often spotted wearing high-end designer hoodies that exude luxury and style. From brands like Balenciaga and Off-White to their own line of clothing, the Kardashians have a knack for selecting hoodies that are not only comfortable but also fashionable. Whether it's a classic oversized hoodie or a cropped style, the Kardashians know how to rock the hoodie trend with elegance and sophistication.

What Hoodies Do The Kardashians Wear?

The Iconic Hoodies Worn by the Kardashians

When it comes to fashion, the Kardashians are known for setting trends and making bold statements. Hoodies have become a staple in their wardrobes, and they have been spotted sporting a variety of trendy and fashionable hoodies over the years.

1. Yeezy Season Hoodies

One of the most iconic hoodies worn by the Kardashians is from Kanye West's Yeezy Season collection. The Yeezy hoodies are known for their oversized and relaxed fit, making them both comfortable and stylish. They often come in neutral colors such as beige, gray, and black, allowing them to be easily paired with different outfits. The Kardashians have been seen wearing Yeezy Season hoodies for casual outings and even during their off-duty moments.

The Yeezy Season hoodies are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in the design and construction. The hoodies feature unique elements such as elongated sleeves, raw edges, and distressed finishes, adding an edgy touch to the overall look. The Yeezy Season hoodies have become a go-to choice for the Kardashians when it comes to achieving a relaxed yet fashionable vibe.

Additionally, the Yeezy Season hoodies have become a fashion statement for their association with the Kardashian family and their influential status in the fashion industry. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike often look to the Kardashians for inspiration, making the Yeezy hoodies highly sought-after pieces.

1.1 Best-Selling Yeezy Season Hoodies

Within the Yeezy Season collection, there are a few hoodies that have become particularly popular among the Kardashians and their fans. Some of the best-selling Yeezy Season hoodies include:

  • Yeezy Season 1 Camo Hoodie
  • Yeezy Season 3 "The Life of Pablo" Hoodie
  • Yeezy Season 4 Calabasas Hoodie

Each of these hoodies has its unique design elements, capturing the essence of the Yeezy aesthetic while showcasing individuality.

2. Vetements Oversized Hoodies

The Kardashians have also been spotted rocking oversized hoodies from the renowned brand Vetements. Vetements is known for its unconventional and avant-garde designs, which include oversized fits, exaggerated proportions, and unique color combinations. The Vetements oversized hoodies have become a favorite choice for the Kardashians due to their ability to make a bold fashion statement.

The Vetements hoodies are often seen in vibrant colors and feature eye-catching graphics or slogans that add a playful element to the overall look. The oversized fit provides a relaxed and streetwear-inspired vibe, making it perfect for both casual and statement-making outfits. The Kardashians have effortlessly styled these hoodies with jeans, leggings, or even paired them with skirts for a high-fashion twist.

In addition to their unique designs, Vetements hoodies are made from high-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. The attention to detail and craftsmanship make these hoodies a worthwhile investment for those looking to make a fashion statement.

2.1 Notable Vetements Oversized Hoodies

Vetements offers a wide range of oversized hoodies, some of which have gained popularity among the Kardashians and their followers. Here are a few notable choices:

  • Vetements Oversized Hoodie with DHL Logo
  • Vetements "Titanic" Oversized Hoodie
  • Vetements "Justin4Ever" Oversized Hoodie

Each of these hoodies represents Vetements' disruptive and innovative approach to design, capturing attention and making a statement.

3. Balenciaga Logo Hoodies

Balenciaga has become synonymous with luxury and trendsetting, and their logo hoodies have caught the attention of the Kardashians. The Balenciaga logo hoodies often feature oversized fits, bold branding, and unique design elements that make them stand out.

The Kardashians appreciate the comfort and versatility of Balenciaga logo hoodies. They effortlessly incorporate them into their everyday looks, whether they are running errands or attending social events. The Balenciaga logo hoodies are often paired with jeans, matching sweatpants, or layered with other fashionable pieces to create a stylish ensemble.

What sets Balenciaga logo hoodies apart is the brand's attention to detail and commitment to quality. The hoodies are made from premium materials that ensure both comfort and durability. The logo designs range from subtle and minimalist to bold and statement-making, providing options for different preferences.

3.1 Popular Balenciaga Logo Hoodies

Balenciaga offers a wide range of logo hoodies that have gained popularity among the Kardashians. Here are a few noteworthy choices:

  • Balenciaga BB Logo Oversized Hoodie
  • Balenciaga Kids Logo Hoodie
  • Balenciaga Sinners Oversized Hoodie

These hoodies showcase Balenciaga's iconic branding and design aesthetics, embodying the brand's luxury and fashion-forward sensibility.

4. Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies

Champion Reverse Weave hoodies have become a classic choice embraced by the Kardashians for their effortless style and comfort. Champion has long been known for producing high-quality sportswear, and their hoodies are no exception.

The Champion Reverse Weave hoodies feature a heavyweight cotton construction with a distinctive weave pattern that minimizes shrinkage and maintains the shape of the hoodie even after repeated washes. They often come in a variety of colors, allowing the Kardashians to express their personal style while staying comfortable.

The Kardashians have been seen wearing Champion Reverse Weave hoodies for both casual and athleisure looks. These hoodies can be easily paired with leggings, sweatpants, or jeans for a relaxed and stylish outfit. The simplicity and versatility of Champion hoodies make them a wardrobe staple for the Kardashians and anyone seeking a timeless and comfortable hoodie option.

4.1 Popular Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies

Champion offers a wide range of Reverse Weave hoodies, here are a few popular choices:

  • Champion Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie
  • Champion Heritage Script Logo Hoodie
  • Champion Reverse Weave Vintage Flock Hoodie

These hoodies capture the timeless and comfortable aesthetic that Champion is known for, making them a go-to option for the Kardashians and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Exploring Different Dimensions of Kardashian Hoodie Style

As fashion icons, the Kardashians have a diverse collection of hoodies that cater to various style preferences and occasions. Let's delve into other dimensions of their hoodie choices:

1. High-End Designer Hoodies

In addition to the aforementioned brands, the Kardashians are often seen wearing hoodies from an array of high-end designers. These hoodies represent the epitome of luxury fashion, combining comfort and style in one.

Designers such as Off-White, Balmain, and Alexander Wang have released their own versions of hoodies that feature unique designs, extravagant details, and premium materials. The Kardashians are known for their love of luxury, and these designer hoodies allow them to make a fashion statement while showcasing their own personal style.

From intricate embroidery to embellishments and statement prints, these high-end designer hoodies exemplify the fashion-forward spirit embraced by the Kardashians. They are not only comfortable but also serve as wearable art pieces that elevate any outfit.

1.1 Noteworthy High-End Designer Hoodies

Here are a few noteworthy high-end designer hoodies favored by the Kardashians:

  • Off-White Logo Print Hoodie
  • Balmain Logo Embroidered Hoodie
  • Alexander Wang Logo Patch Hoodie

These hoodies exhibit the craftsmanship and luxury associated with high-end designer brands, making them highly coveted by fashion enthusiasts.

2. Matching Hoodie Sets

The Kardashians have also popularized the trend of matching hoodie sets, which often include both a hoodie and matching sweatpants. These sets create a cohesive and fashionable look while providing unmatched comfort.

Matching hoodie sets come in various styles, colors, and designs. The Kardashians have embraced this trend by opting for sets that feature logos, prints, or unique patterns. They are often seen wearing these sets for casual outings, airport travels, or even for cozy nights in.

Matching hoodie sets allow the Kardashians to effortlessly achieve a put-together look without compromising comfort. They provide versatility as the hoodie and sweatpants can be mixed and matched with other pieces in their wardrobe, allowing for endless outfit possibilities.

2.1 Notable Matching Hoodie Sets

Here are a few notable matching hoodie sets favored by the Kardashians and their followers:

  • Champion Reverse Weave Matching Hoodie Set
  • Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Hoodie and Jogger Set
  • Adidas Originals Trefoil Hoodie and Pants Set

These sets showcase the versatility and style that can be achieved with matching hoodie sets while maintaining the comfort that hoodies are known for.

3. Customized and Personalized Hoodies

The Kardashians have demonstrated their penchant for personalized fashion by frequently opting for customized and personalized hoodies. These hoodies often feature their names, initials, or meaningful slogans, adding a personalized touch to their outfits.

Customized hoodies allow the Kardashians to showcase their individuality and create unique pieces that make a statement. They embody the idea that fashion is an expression of one's personality and can be tailored to reflect personal preferences.

The Kardashians have often been seen wearing customized hoodies during family outings or while promoting their own brands and collaborations. These personalized pieces serve as a form of self-expression for the Kardashians and inspire their fans to embrace their own individual style.

3.1 Notable Customized and Personalized Hoodies

Here are a few notable customized and personalized hoodies embraced by the Kardashians:

  • KKW Beauty Personalized Hoodie
  • Good American Customized Hoodie
  • Purpose Tour Merchandise Personalized Hoodie

These customized hoodies exemplify the idea that fashion can be a canvas for self-expression and a way to create unique and personalized looks.


The Kardashian sisters have established themselves as trendsetters in the world of fashion, and their choice of hoodies reflects their distinctive style and influence. From the iconic Yeezy Season hoodies to the avant-garde designs of Vetements and the luxury appeal of Balenciaga, the Kardashians have embraced a diverse range of hoodies that cater to different trends and aesthetics.

Whether it's rocking high-end designer hoodies, donning matching hoodie sets, or opting for customized and personalized pieces, the Kardashians have demonstrated their ability to make a fashion statement while staying true to their personal style. Their hoodie choices have not only influenced fashion trends but have also inspired their followers to express their individuality through fashion.

As the Kardashians continue to evolve their fashion choices, one thing is certainā€”their hoodie game will remain strong, setting trends and inspiring fashion enthusiasts around the world.

What Hoodies Do The Kardashians Wear?

The Kardashians' Hoodie Style

When it comes to casual wear, the Kardashians are known for their impeccable style and fashion choices. Hoodies have become a staple in their wardrobe, often seen wearing them during their casual outings and public appearances.

The Kardashians favor high-end designer brands for their hoodies, often opting for luxury labels such as Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Off-White. These high-fashion hoodies come with hefty price tags and are made from premium materials like 100% cotton or luxurious blends.

Their preferred style of hoodies often features oversized fits, which are perfect for achieving a relaxed and effortless look. They also tend to choose hoodie designs with eye-catching logos or embellishments, adding a touch of glamour to their attire.

Whether they're running errands or working out at the gym, the Kardashians are often spotted donning trendy and fashionable hoodies. Their choice of hoodie brands and designs sets trends and influences the fashion industry, making them style icons in the world of casual wear.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kardashians are often seen wearing designer hoodies.
  • They prefer hoodies from brands like Vetements, Balenciaga, and Off-White.
  • The Kardashians are also known to wear hoodies from their own fashion lines.
  • They often pair their hoodies with high-end designer accessories and shoes.
  • The Kardashians' hoodie choices are often influenced by current fashion trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about the hoodies worn by the Kardashians. Read on to find out more about their fashion choices and where you can get their signature looks.

1. Are there specific brands that the Kardashians prefer for hoodies?

Yes, the Kardashians have been spotted wearing hoodies from various brands. Two popular options are Yeezy, which is Kanye West's brand, and Vetements, known for its oversized styles. They also frequently wear hoodies from luxury brands like Balenciaga and Off-White.

If you want to get a hoodie similar to the ones the Kardashians wear, these brands are a great place to start. Remember to check their official websites or authorized retailers for availability.

2. What types of hoodies do the Kardashians usually wear?

The Kardashians are known for their love for oversized and relaxed-fit hoodies. They often opt for hoodies with unique designs and graphics, making a statement with their fashion choices. Additionally, they are frequently seen sporting neutral colors like black, gray, and white, as well as earthy tones.

If you want to replicate their style, consider choosing an oversized hoodie in a neutral color or with eye-catching graphics.

3. Where can I find the hoodies worn by the Kardashians?

You can find the hoodies worn by the Kardashians at various high-end fashion retailers, both online and in-store. Some popular options include luxury department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Additionally, you can check out the official websites of the brands mentioned earlier, as well as online luxury fashion platforms like Farfetch or Net-a-Porter.

Keep in mind that the hoodies worn by the Kardashians may come with a hefty price tag due to their designer origins. If you're looking for more affordable alternatives, try searching for similar styles at fast-fashion retailers or online marketplaces.

4. Do the Kardashians ever collaborate with brands to create their own hoodies?

Yes, the Kardashians have collaborated with several brands to create their own hoodies and clothing lines. For example, they have worked with brands like Good American and Kylie Jenner's own brand, Kylie Cosmetics, to release exclusive collections that showcase their personal style.

Keep an eye out for any announcements or updates from the Kardashians on their social media platforms or official websites, as they often share information about their collaborations and new releases.

5. How can I style the hoodies to achieve a Kardashian-inspired look?

If you want to achieve a Kardashian-inspired look with your hoodies, there are a few styling tips to keep in mind. First, consider pairing your hoodie with high-waisted jeans or leggings for a sleek and casual look. You can also add a belt to cinch in the waist and create a more defined silhouette.

Accessorize with statement sunglasses, a designer handbag, and chunky sneakers to complete the ensemble. Don't be afraid to experiment with layering, such as adding a leather jacket or a longline coat over your hoodie for added style.

In conclusion, the Kardashians are known for their love of fashionable and trendy hoodies. They have been spotted wearing hoodies from various high-end brands and designers, including Vetements, Balenciaga, and Off-White. These hoodies often feature bold logos, unique prints, and oversized silhouettes, reflecting the Kardashians' signature style.

Whether they are stepping out for a casual outing or running errands, the Kardashians always manage to elevate their hoodie looks with accessories like statement sneakers, designer handbags, and sleek sunglasses. Their hoodie choices showcase their fashion-forward persona and serve as inspiration for fans looking to emulate their trendy street style.