What Hoodies Can You Sublimate On?

What Hoodies Can You Sublimate On?

When it comes to sublimating on hoodies, the options are surprisingly vast. Whether you're looking to personalize your own hoodie or create custom designs for your business, there's a wide range of materials and fabrics that can be sublimated on. From polyester and polyester blends to cotton-polyester blends and even fleece, you have the flexibility to choose the right hoodie for your sublimation needs.

The process of sublimation allows for vivid, long-lasting designs that won't fade or crack over time. With the ability to sublimate on a variety of hoodies, you can create unique and eye-catching designs that stand out from the crowd. Whether you're adding your team's logo, promoting your brand, or expressing your personal style, sublimation opens up a world of possibilities for customizing and personalizing your hoodies. So go ahead and explore the endless options of what hoodies you can sublimate on!

What Hoodies Can You Sublimate On?

Choosing the Right Hoodies for Sublimation

When it comes to sublimation printing on hoodies, not all fabrics are created equal. The key to achieving vibrant and long-lasting designs lies in choosing the right type of hoodie. In this article, we will explore the different types of hoodies that work well for sublimation, providing you with the knowledge you need to create stunning and durable prints.

Cotton-Polyester Blend Hoodies

One of the most popular choices for sublimation printing on hoodies is cotton-polyester blend fabric. These hoodies offer the best of both worlds, combining the softness and breathability of cotton with the durability and wrinkle-resistance of polyester. The polyester content allows the sublimation ink to bond effectively with the fabric, resulting in vibrant and sharp print results.

When selecting a cotton-polyester blend hoodie for sublimation, make sure to choose one with a high polyester content, ideally around 50% or more. The higher the polyester percentage, the better the ink will transfer and adhere to the fabric. Additionally, opt for hoodies with a smooth surface, as textures or weaves can disrupt the sublimation process and impact the print quality.

It's also important to note that cotton-polyester blend hoodies with a higher polyester content tend to have a slightly glossy finish. This can add a unique sheen to your designs, making them stand out even more. However, if you prefer a more matte finish, you can choose hoodies with a lower polyester content while still ensuring good sublimation results.

Overall, cotton-polyester blend hoodies are a versatile and reliable choice for sublimation printing, offering a balance between comfort, durability, and vibrant print results.

Recommended Cotton-Polyester Blend Hoodies

  • Gildan 18500 Heavy Blend
  • Next Level N6210 CVC Crew
  • Hanes P170 Ecosmart

Polyester Hoodies

If you're looking for hoodies that offer maximum color vibrancy and durability, polyester hoodies are an excellent choice for sublimation printing. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is known for its moisture-wicking properties, quick-drying nature, and excellent color retention. This makes it the ideal canvas for sublimation ink to create vivid and long-lasting designs.

When selecting polyester hoodies for sublimation, make sure to choose ones labeled as "sublimation-ready" or "sublimation-friendly." These hoodies are specially treated to provide an optimal surface for ink transfer and ensure excellent color reproduction. They have a smooth texture and a moisture-wicking finish, allowing for seamless sublimation printing.

Some polyester hoodies may have a shiny or glossy appearance due to the nature of the fabric. This can enhance the vibrancy of your designs but can also be a personal preference. If you prefer a more matte finish, you can explore different options or consider cotton-polyester blend hoodies.

Overall, polyester hoodies are a fantastic choice for those seeking high-quality prints with intense colors and excellent durability.

Recommended Polyester Hoodies

  • Champion S700 Eco 9 oz. Hoodie
  • Independent Trading Co. AFX4000Z Zen Hoodie
  • Augusta Sportswear Performance Fleece Hoodie

Tri-Blend Hoodies

Tri-blend hoodies are another popular option for sublimation printing. These hoodies are made from a combination of three materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. The result is a fabric that offers the softness and breathability of cotton, the durability of polyester, and the drape and color vibrancy of rayon.

When sublimating on tri-blend hoodies, it's essential to pay attention to the specific blend percentages. Different brands and styles may have slightly varied ratios of cotton, polyester, and rayon, which can affect the sublimation results. In general, a blend of around 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon tends to work well for sublimation printing.

Tri-blend hoodies have a unique vintage look and feel, with a slightly heathered appearance due to the combination of different fibers. This adds character and texture to your designs, creating a trendy and fashionable look. However, it's important to note that the sublimation ink may appear slightly faded on tri-blend hoodies compared to cotton-polyester or polyester hoodies.

Overall, tri-blend hoodies are an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable, stylish, and unique sublimation option.

Recommended Tri-Blend Hoodies

  • Bella+Canvas 3939 Unisex Triblend Full-Zip Lightweight Hoodie
  • Next Level N6021 Tri-Blend Hoodie
  • Anvil 6750 Triblend Hoodie

Fleece Hoodies

Fleece hoodies offer warmth, comfort, and softness, making them a popular choice for the colder months. While sublimation printing on fleece is possible, it requires special considerations due to the nature of the fabric. Fleece is typically made from synthetic materials like polyester microfiber or a blend of polyester and cotton.

When sublimating on fleece hoodies, it's important to choose hoodies specifically designed for sublimation printing. Look for hoodies with a smooth and tightly-knit surface, as this will allow the ink to adhere better to the fabric. Avoid heavily textured or brushed fleece, as it may interfere with the sublimation process and result in a less crisp print.

Additionally, be mindful of the thickness of the fleece when considering sublimation. Thicker or heavier fleece may not provide as vibrant results as thinner options due to the heat distribution during the sublimation process.

Fleece hoodies can add texture and warmth to your sublimated designs, providing a cozy and comfortable option for your customers.

Recommended Fleece Hoodies

  • Port & Company PC850H Core Fleece Pullover Hoodie
  • Jerzees PF93MR NuBlend Adult Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Badger 1464 Camo Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

Sublimation printing offers endless possibilities when it comes to customizing and personalizing hoodies. By selecting the right type of hoodie, whether it's a cotton-polyester blend, polyester, tri-blend, or fleece, you can ensure that your sublimated designs look stunning and last for a long time. Consider the specific requirements of each fabric and choose the option that best suits your desired results and customer preferences.

What Hoodies Can You Sublimate On?

Hoodies Suitable for Sublimation

If you are planning to design and create custom hoodies using the sublimation method, it's important to choose the right type of hoodies to achieve the best results. Not all hoodies are suitable for sublimation printing, as the process requires a specific fabric composition that can effectively hold the ink and produce vibrant colors.

The best hoodies for sublimation are typically made of polyester or a polyester blend. Polyester has excellent moisture-wicking properties, allowing the ink to be absorbed and embedded into the fabric. Avoid using hoodies with a high percentage of cotton, as cotton does not hold the ink as well and may result in dull or faded prints.

In addition to choosing the right fabric, consider the style and design of the hoodie. Look for hoodies with a smooth and flat surface, as this will provide a better canvas for the sublimation printing process. Avoid hoodies with thick seams or textured patterns, as they can interfere with the printing quality.

When selecting hoodies for sublimation, make sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations or consult with a professional printing supplier. They can provide guidance on the best hoodie options for sublimation and ensure that your designs come out vibrant and long-lasting.

Key Takeaways: What Hoodies Can You Sublimate On?

  • Polyester and polyester-blend hoodies are the best for sublimation printing.
  • Avoid cotton hoodies as they do not hold sublimated ink well.
  • Choose hoodies that are light in color for better print vibrancy.
  • Look for hoodies with a smooth surface to ensure high-quality sublimation prints.
  • Make sure to test a small area of the hoodie before printing a large design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the types of hoodies that can be used for sublimation printing:

1. Can you sublimate on cotton hoodies?

No, sublimation printing works best on polyester and polyester blend fabrics. Cotton does not hold the sublimation ink properly, resulting in faded or washed-out prints. To achieve vibrant and long-lasting designs, it is recommended to choose hoodies made from polyester or a polyester blend.

Sublimation printing involves transferring ink onto the fabric using heat, which bonds the ink molecules with the polyester fibers. Cotton fibers do not have the same chemical properties as polyester, hence the ink does not adhere well to cotton surfaces.

2. Can you sublimate on hoodies with a zipper?

Yes, sublimation printing can be done on hoodies with zippers. However, it is important to consider the zipper material and placement. Metal zippers can interfere with the heat transfer process, resulting in uneven or disrupted prints. Opting for hoodies with plastic or polyester zippers can minimize these issues.

Additionally, it is recommended to choose hoodies with zippers that are not directly in the printing area to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted printing process. Placing the design away from the zipper can help avoid any distortion or obstruction during the sublimation process.

3. Can you sublimate on hoodies with a hood drawstring?

Yes, sublimation printing can be applied to hoodies with hood drawstrings. However, it is important to ensure that the drawstrings are made from polyester or a compatible material. Similar to the fabric, the drawstring must be able to withstand the heat transfer process without melting or distorting.

If the drawstrings are made from a material that cannot withstand high temperatures, it is recommended to remove them before the sublimation printing process. This will ensure that the drawstrings do not interfere with the printing area or get damaged during the heat application.

4. Can you sublimate on hoodies with pockets?

Yes, sublimation printing can be done on hoodies with pockets. It is important to keep in mind the placement and size of the pockets when designing the artwork. Some considerations include:

  • Avoid placing a design directly over the pockets, as this can obscure or distort the print.
  • Make sure the pockets are empty of any objects or materials that could interfere with the heat transfer process.
  • Adjust the size and placement of the design to accommodate the presence of pockets.

5. Can you sublimate on hoodies with ribbed cuffs and hem?

Yes, sublimation printing can be applied to hoodies with ribbed cuffs and hem. However, it is important to consider the material and composition of the ribbed areas. Ensure that the ribbed cuffs and hem are made from a compatible material that can withstand the heat transfer process without melting or distorting.

It is also recommended to adjust the design size and placement to account for any stretching or distortion that may occur during the sublimation process on ribbed areas. Proper alignment and sizing can help maintain the integrity and visual appeal of the printed design.

In summary, when it comes to sublimating on hoodies, the possibilities are quite vast.

You can sublimate on hoodies made of polyester or a polyester blend, such as poly-cotton blends. It's crucial to select hoodies that have a high polyester content for the best results. Additionally, check for hoodies that have a white or light-colored base to ensure vibrant and accurate color reproduction. Avoid hoodies made of materials like 100% cotton, as they won't be suitable for sublimation printing due to their inability to retain the dye.