How To Make Holes In Sweatshirt?

How To Make Holes In Sweatshirt?

When it comes to personalizing your sweatshirt, adding holes can be a trendy and unique option. Whether you want to achieve a distressed look or simply want to add some edginess to your outfit, knowing how to make holes in a sweatshirt is a valuable skill. Instead of settling for store-bought pre-distressed options, create your own custom holes and bring your sweatshirt game to the next level.

Creating holes in your sweatshirt can be a fun DIY project that allows you to showcase your creativity and individual style. With just a few simple tools and a little bit of patience, you can transform an ordinary sweatshirt into a fashion statement. By following the right techniques and paying attention to the details, you can achieve professional-looking results that will make your sweatshirt stand out from the crowd.

How To Make Holes In Sweatshirt?

Why Make Holes in a Sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple that can be found in almost everyone's closet. It provides warmth, comfort, and a casual vibe. However, sometimes you might want to give your sweatshirt a unique and edgy look. That's where making holes in a sweatshirt comes in. Creating holes in your sweatshirt allows you to customize it to your liking, giving it a distressed or fashionable appearance.

Whether you want to follow the trend of distressed clothing or want to add a personal touch to your sweatshirt, learning how to make holes is a skill worth acquiring. In this article, we will guide you through various methods of making holes in your sweatshirt. From small, subtle holes to larger, more dramatic ones, there are techniques suitable for every fashion preference.

Method 1: Using a Seam Ripper

One of the easiest and most precise methods to make holes in a sweatshirt is by using a seam ripper. This tool is commonly used for removing stitches, but it can also be used to create small and controlled holes. Here's how:

  • Start by placing the sweatshirt on a flat surface.
  • Identify the area where you want to create the hole.
  • Insert the pointed tip of the seam ripper into the fabric, right where you want the hole to be.
  • Gently push the seam ripper through the fabric, creating a small hole. Be careful not to make the hole too big initially.
  • Slowly move the seam ripper in a circular motion, widening the hole to the desired size.
  • Repeat the process for any additional holes you want to make.

Using a seam ripper allows you to have more control over the size and placement of the holes. It's ideal for creating small and intentional distressing on your sweatshirt.


  • Practice on a scrap piece of fabric or an old sweatshirt before attempting to make holes on your favorite one.
  • Start with smaller holes and gradually increase the size if desired.
  • Be cautious while using the seam ripper to avoid accidentally ripping the fabric.
  • Consider creating holes in areas with double layers of fabric for added durability.

Things You Will Need:

  • Sweatshirt
  • Seam ripper
  • Scrap fabric or an old sweatshirt for practice

Using a seam ripper is a beginner-friendly method that allows you to precisely create small holes in your sweatshirt.

Method 2: Scissors and Tweezers

If you're looking to create larger holes, scissors and tweezers can be your go-to tools. This method provides a more rugged and distressed look. Here's how:

  • Place your sweatshirt on a flat surface.
  • Decide where you want to create the hole and mark the area with a small dot or pen.
  • Using a pair of sharp scissors, make a small horizontal cut at the marked spot. Start small and increase the size later if desired.
  • Insert the tip of the scissors into the fabric next to the cut and start cutting vertically, creating a slit.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create additional slits around the hole if you want a more distressed look.
  • Use tweezers to gently pull the vertical threads of the fabric away from the hole. This will create a frayed effect.

This method is great for creating larger and more noticeable holes. The frayed effect achieved with tweezers adds to the distressed look of the sweatshirt.


  • Be careful while using the scissors to avoid cutting yourself or making the hole too large.
  • Start with small cuts and gradually increase the size if desired.
  • Use the tweezers to pull out the horizontal threads as much as you want to achieve the desired frayed effect.
  • Try distressing different areas of the sweatshirt to create a unique look.

Things You Will Need:

  • Sweatshirt
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Pen or marker

Using scissors and tweezers allows you to create larger and more distressed holes, giving your sweatshirt a bolder and edgier appearance.

Method 3: Sandpaper and Razor

If you want to achieve a worn-out and vintage look, sandpaper and a razor can help you achieve just that. This method involves distressing the fabric to create a weathered appearance. Here's how:

  • Place your sweatshirt on a flat surface.
  • Decide where you want to distress the fabric and mark the areas with a small dot or pen.
  • Take a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and rub it against the fabric in a back-and-forth motion. This will scrape the surface and create a weathered effect.
  • Focus on the areas you marked, but feel free to distress other areas of the sweatshirt as well for a more authentic look.
  • Once you're satisfied with the distressing, use a razor to carefully create small cuts or slits in the distressed areas.
  • Gently pull the threads using your fingers or tweezers to enhance the distressed look.

This method mimics the natural wear and tear that comes with time, giving your sweatshirt a vintage and lived-in feel.


  • Use sandpaper with a fine grit to avoid damaging the fabric too much.
  • Experiment with different types of sandpaper to achieve varying levels of distressing.
  • Be cautious while using the razor to avoid cutting yourself or making the slits too big.
  • Try distressing different areas of the sweatshirt, such as the sleeves or neckline, for a more authentic vintage look.

Things You Will Need:

  • Sweatshirt
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Razor
  • Pen or marker

Using sandpaper and a razor creates a distressed and vintage appearance, giving your sweatshirt a unique and well-worn charm.

Exploring Different Dimensions of Making Holes in a Sweatshirt

Now that you've learned a few methods for making holes in a sweatshirt, let's explore a different dimension by looking at some decorative hole designs and additional tips.

Decorative Hole Designs

Making holes in a sweatshirt doesn't have to be limited to distressing or achieving a worn-out look. You can also create decorative hole designs for a more artistic and unique appearance. Here are a few design ideas to try:

Hole Design Description
Star Burst Create a star-shaped hole by cutting slits in a radial pattern from a central point.
Heart Draw a heart shape on the fabric and cut along the outline to create a heart-shaped hole.
Slash and Weave Create multiple horizontal and vertical slits, then weave thin strands of fabric or ribbon through the openings.
Large Cutouts Cut out large shapes, such as circles or triangles, to create unique cutout designs.

These decorative hole designs can add a touch of creativity and individuality to your sweatshirt. Feel free to experiment and create your own unique designs!

Additional Tips

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when making holes in a sweatshirt:

  • Wash and dry your sweatshirt before making holes to ensure it has shrunk to its final size.
  • If you want a more natural and worn look, consider rubbing the distressed areas with sandpaper or a pumice stone after making the holes.
  • Don't overdo it with the distressing. Sometimes a few well-placed holes are enough to achieve the desired effect.

Remember, making holes in a sweatshirt is a creative process, and there are no hard and fast rules. Use your imagination, experiment, and have fun!

Now that you know various methods and design ideas for making holes in a sweatshirt, you can confidently customize your own sweatshirts to reflect your style and personality. Whether you prefer subtle distressing, rugged holes, or decorative designs, the possibilities are endless. So grab your tools and get creative with your sweatshirt!

How To Make Holes In Sweatshirt?

Creating Holes in a Sweatshirt

When it comes to adding a trendy edge to your sweatshirt, creating holes can be a unique way to achieve that fashionable distressed look. Here are a few professional tips on how to make holes in a sweatshirt:

1. Gather your materials: You'll need a sweatshirt, sharp scissors or a craft knife, and a cutting mat to protect your work surface.

2. Plan your design: Mark the areas where you want the holes to be using fabric chalk or a washable marker. This will help you achieve a controlled and intentional look.

3. Cut the holes: Carefully cut along the marked areas using sharp scissors or a craft knife. Start with small incisions and gradually increase their size to achieve your desired hole.

4. Distressing: To create a distressed effect, you can use sandpaper or a cheese grater to gently rub the edges of the holes. This will give them a worn look.

5. Wash and dry: After creating the holes and distressing them, it’s important to wash your sweatshirt separately to remove any loose threads. Machine-wash it on a gentle cycle and air-dry to maintain the longevity of the holes.

Key Takeaways - How To Make Holes In Sweatshirt?

  • Choose a sweatshirt made of a fabric that can withstand the hole-making process.
  • Decide on the size and location of the holes before starting.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors or a utility knife to make small incisions.
  • Gently stretch the edges of the holes to create a frayed effect.
  • Wash and dry the sweatshirt to further enhance the distressed look.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to creating a trendy and fashionable look, adding holes to a sweatshirt can make a bold statement. If you're interested in exploring this DIY project, here are answers to some commonly asked questions about how to make holes in a sweatshirt.

1. Can I use any type of sweatshirt to make holes?

Yes, you can use any type of sweatshirt to make holes. Whether it's a basic crewneck, hoodie, or even an old sweatshirt you want to repurpose, all can be transformed with the addition of holes. Keep in mind that different materials may react differently, so be cautious when making holes in delicate fabrics.

2. How do I create holes in a sweatshirt?

Creating holes in a sweatshirt is a fairly simple process. You can start by laying the sweatshirt on a flat surface and identifying the areas where you want the holes. Next, you can use a sharp pair of scissors or a seam ripper to cut or pick at the fabric, creating holes of various sizes. Be sure to start small and gradually increase the size of the holes if needed. Remember to place a solid surface like a cutting board underneath the fabric to prevent accidental cutting.

If you prefer a distressed look, you can also use sandpaper or a piece of coarse-grit sandpaper to rub against the fabric, creating a worn-out appearance and potentially exposing the threads underneath. Experiment with different techniques to achieve the desired hole size and look.

3. How can I prevent the holes from unraveling?

To prevent the holes from unraveling, it is important to reinforce the edges. You can achieve this by sewing around the edges of the holes using a needle and thread in a color that matches or complements the sweatshirt. Make sure to use a tight and secure stitch to keep the edges intact. Additionally, you can also apply fabric glue or a fabric adhesive to the edges, providing extra reinforcement.

Remember to handle the sweatshirt with care after making the holes, as excessive stretching or pulling can cause the fabric to rip further or the holes to widen.

4. Can I wash a sweatshirt with holes?

Yes, you can wash a sweatshirt with holes. However, it is recommended to turn the sweatshirt inside out before washing to protect the holes and minimize any potential damage. Use a gentle cycle and cold water, and avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. Opt for air-drying or tumble-drying on a low heat setting to preserve the integrity of the holes.

5. Any tips for styling a sweatshirt with holes?

Styling a sweatshirt with holes can add an edgy and rebellious touch to your outfit. Here are a few tips to maximize the impact:

- Layer the holey sweatshirt over a contrasting colored tank top or bralette to showcase the holes.

- Pair it with high-waisted jeans or leather pants for a cool and casual look.

- Add accessories like statement earrings or a chunky necklace to elevate the overall style.

- Experiment with different ways to style the sweatshirt, such as tying it in a knot at the front or wearing it off one shoulder.

So there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to make holes in a sweatshirt. Remember to always start with a plan and gather the necessary materials. Take your time and be careful when cutting the holes to avoid damaging the fabric. It's important to practice on a scrap piece of fabric before making holes on your actual sweatshirt.

Whether you're going for a distressed look or adding a touch of personal style, creating holes in your sweatshirt can be a fun and creative way to revamp your wardrobe. Enjoy experimenting with different hole sizes and placements, and don't be afraid to get creative with your designs. With a little practice and imagination, you can transform your sweatshirt into a unique fashion statement that reflects your personal style.